I'm Tenkou, a 26 year old cosplayer from Sweden. 
I first started cosplaying as an outlet for creativity back in 2012. And that is still my favourite part of cosplay!

Over the years I've made both big and smaller projects. Worked with many different companies and had the honor of representing Sweden in several international competitions.

I started out as an anime fan gone wild but I've ended up as a detail loving gamer who tends to lean more towards kooky and crazy characters! 
As long as I get to pour my heart into the creation and play with the illusion of becoming someone else, I'm happy! I'm just a friendly chameleon eager to work with you on our next project!

International competitions and participation year: 
- Swedish Cosplay Championship (SM) 2015 & 2018
- World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2017
- Global Easter Cup (GEC) 2018
- Nordic Cosplay Championsship (NCC) 2018
- Magic International Cosplay Masters (MCIM) 2019
- European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) 2019

Love, Tenkou
Photo by Thelema Therion
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